Furniture Market
Surface Protection for door to drawers and handles to shelves.

Protect your finished furniture with TOPGUARDTM Protective Films. From many types of finished wood, to outdoor furniture, we have products that will keep your surfaces from being damaged during fabrication and shipment.


If you are having scratch or damage during fabrication or shipping, try TOPGUARDTM Protective Films. There is a whole line of custom formulated adhesive blends dedicated to protecting all of the different surfaces that fall under the furniture umbrella.

Plastic Chair Legs & Arm Rests(smooth, textured or matte finish).

Make it easy to apply TOPGUARDTM protective film and order this material perforated for easy tear and apply applications. Call your TOPGUARDTM rep to discuss the application and they will help you identify the correct TOPGUARDTM product.

Fabric covered office dividers

Try our TOPGUARDTM high adhesion protective film to cover the fabric panels to keep them from getting dirty or damaged during shipment or installation.

Spot protection

Getting scratches in isolated areas on cabinets, desks, filing cabinets? Try ordering our TOPGUARDTM masking film perforated for easy tear and apply protection. Call your TOPGUARDTM rep to discuss your application so he can recommend the correct TOPGUARDTM product.

Everything in your house had to go through some sort of manufacturing process. Then it had to be shipped to a location where you could acquire it. Amazingly, it made it to your home in the perfect condition it was manufactured in. TOPGUARDTM Protective Films work with funiture manufacturers so that their products are protected from the time they leave the manufacturing facility up until the product is ready to sell. See a few examples below.

Finished Cabinets - Custom cabinet manufacturers can apply our TOPGUARDTM masking film products to the cabinet surface prior to shipping to protect them in transit. Masking can also be applied prior to installation to keep the cabinets from being scratched during installation. Finally, masking can be applied after installation and prior to any paint work done on adjacent walls to keep cabinets from getting paint splatter on them.

Finished Wood surfaces can and do vary so please consult with your TOPGUARDTM rep for his input on making a product recommendation.

Coffee Tables
Lamp Stands

Protect outdoor patio furniture during manufacturing, assembly and shipment. TOPGUARDTM Protective Film is an easy solution to eliminate damage, scratches and rework.

Injection Molded Chairs
Glass Tables
Painted Metals