Carpentry & Cabinetry
Use Pack & Guard® Cohesive Products to Protect & Ship

Automation with Pack And Guard® Cohesive Products goes way beyond packaging up shirts and consumer goods. Manufacturers of cabinetry, trim, molding and other fine furniture pieces find Pack & Guard® Cohesive packaging extremely effective in protecting their products. In hand applications, Pack & Guard® can be quickly wrapped around a chair arm or leg. Integrated with our Automated System, trim pieces and cabinet doors, etc. can be placed on an infeed and be automatically packaged at a rate of up to 30 per minute. Watch the video below to see how it works.



  • Thickness as per your applications/ reverent Adhesive
  • Adhesive systems Acetic, Solvent Russia
  • Widths from 30mm to 1300mm
  • Roll Lengths from 10mm to 2000mm
  • 4 Colour Printing Available

Send us your products and our Pack & Guard® Experts will package them up for you and show you how your products work within the automated system. Below are a list of example applications where Pack & Guard® can be used.

  • Cabinet Doors
  • Trim Pieces
  • Furniture Samples
  • Chair arms
  • Table and Chair Legs
  • Flooring Samples
  • Furniture Kits
  • Parts & Hardware
  • Handles and Knobs