Appliance Market

TOPGUARDTM has a complete line of adhesive coated masking films for the appliance industry. Whether they are dryers, refrigerators, Mixer grinder, microwaves etc. that at one time were masked with film to keep them from being scratched during manufacturing and shipment.



  • Thickness as per your applications/ requirement
  • Adhesive systems Acrylic and Solvent Based
  • Widths from 30mm to 1300mm
  • Roll Lengths from 10mm to 2000mm
  • 4 Colour Printing Available

Refrigerators, Washers, Dryers, Ovens, Microwaves, Dishwashers and many other appliances are masked during the various stages of production. TOPGUARDTM protects common substrates during fabrication such as.

  • Stainless Steel and High Gloss Painted Metal
  • High Gloss Injection Molded Plastic
  • Glass or Clear Acrylic
  • Control panels, touch screens, or faceplates
  • Nameplate and Silk screening